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The season has ended for the Metuchen Farmers Market, and it’s as good a time as any to thank all those who help make the Market so vibrant and welcoming.

Many Boro entities made our season possible, starting with the Senior Center which lets us use their parking lot (and loo), and followed by the Parking Authority and Department of Public Works who, respectively, help keep parked cars out of the lot on Market day, and help keep the lot tidy. The Police Department and Fire Department together keep us supplied with safety cones to manage errant traffic. And of course the Boro Council and Boro Administrator have consistently and warmly supported the Market since forever. Thanks to all these great public “servants” who have faith in what the Market can do and is doing for the community.

Our vendors are also deserving of thanks, for not only choosing to participate in our Market (they have other options) but also for showing up week after week in good weather and bad, because they know shoppers expect/look forward to seeing them and they cherish the relationships they have developed with our community.

Next to thank are the wonderful volunteers who clearly support, with their time commitment, the mission and ideals of the Market, from taking on Saturday shifts to tackling special assignments like: overseeing our lawn signs (Sharon!); managing the website (Jason!); coordinating special events (Montana!); and cranking out a weekly newsletter (props to Carolyn and Christine for stepping up to this grinding responsibility which you carry out with such elan and timeliness).

Further behind the scenes are the Farmers Market Board members who have offered support and guidance these many months, without which sane and measured management of the Market would not have been possible.

Final thanks go to you the community supporters and shoppers at the Market. Every Saturday is a wonderful confluence of vendors, shoppers and events that in our greatest hopes result in an enjoyable experience that will lure you back week after week. Drop me a line at metuchenfarmersmarket@gmail.com with any suggestions or feedback.

Whole Foods’ arrival in Metuchen inOCtober was welcomed by the entire community, and by us as well. Whole Foods has been entirely positive and inclusive in their interactions with us and we believe that having them in our community will draw new residents who value quality produce and that in turn will only help increase the pool of shoppers who will patronize our local Farmers Market.

So farewell for this 2017 season. Have a great Thanksgiving and winter holiday! Look for us next year in the new Plaza at Pearl St and New St!!


The Metuchen Farmers Market has been in existence since 1996, but has enjoyed a revitalization starting 2011, when it grew from a few farmers to our current count of eighteen top-notch vendors. Managed entirely by community volunteers, the market hosts four “Jersey Fresh” farmers and other food-first vendors offering cheese, pickles, olives, fresh-baked breads, mozzarella, dried fruits/nuts, grass-fed pork, free-range eggs, farmhouse-baked pies and more.

Our farmers range from long-time New Jersey growers like Farmer Al’s and Von Thun’s to the woman-farmed organic Chickadee Creek Farm. The variety of vegetables and fruits offered for sale every week is astonishing and mouth-watering.

In addition to being a market in the commercial sense of buying-selling, the Metuchen Farmers Market embraces opportunities to enhance the community fabric. For instance, the Market has initiated a program where farmers donate excess produce to worthy causes such as Kiddie Keep Well Camp in Edison (thanks Bob Von Thun!) and the Metuchen First Presbyterian Church’s food pantry (thanks Walt Zyck of Country Stand Farm!). We also offer a free table to community non-profit organizations so they can do outreach: participants include(d) Women Helping Women, Metuchen EMS, Borough Improvement League, Friends of the Metuchen Public Library, Metuchen High School Garden Club, Build With Purpose and Bike|Walk Metuchen. Finally, we aspire to support local businesses, whether they are currently Chamber of Commerce members (they get a free weekly table as well) or are a business that is thinking of establishing a store-front in Metuchen and can use a Farmers Market stall to “test the market”.

The Farmers Market has added a great “buzz” to summer Saturdays in downtown Metuchen. We look forward to seeing you there!

Nelson Li, Market Manager on behalf of the Farmers Market (Volunteer) Committee and the Borough of Metuchen.

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