Market Day

Saturday, June 24th

9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

NEED TO REGISTER TO VOTE? If you have recently moved or turned 17, you can register at the Farmers Market on June 24 from 9-12. The League of Women Voters is eager to promote voter registration, and a group of us are working in association with the League to connect with those in the community who are eligible and want to register. We will have a table with forms and pens, so please come by and sign up. Our group will submit the forms to make it easy, but you can also take a form and mail it in yourself if you like. We look forward to meeting you next week.

Also, there will be lots of action from LiveFit in which The fitness and health businesses in Metuchen will showcase the many ways to keep fit, from taekwondo, to kickboxing, to personal training, to Zumba. Come check them all out in the “A&P” parking lot opposite the Farmers Market starting at 9 am.

Here is this week’s lineup for shopping at the market.

Visit the Market

2017 location: Senior Center parking lot New St & Center St. Shopper parking available other side of Center St, entrance off New St.

Participating Vendors